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“Sylvia’s Story: The 1915 Chicago River Tragedy of the S.S. Eastland”
*** by: Susan R. Barwick & Mary G. Furlong

In 1915, the Western Electric Company Picnic is the talk of the summer. The employees, their friends, and families, will sail from Chicago to Michigan City, Indiana for a day filled with fun, food, and festivities. 12 year-old Sylvia has been looking forward to this day for months. She and her two older sisters carefully dress in their finest hats, gloves, and summer dresses and race to meet their friends on board the S.S. Eastland, but something goes terribly wrong! What was supposed to be the social event of the summer, quickly turns into an unthinkable tragedy. Will Sylvia, her sisters, and friends survive?
***Common Core Aligned
Please visit the Eastland Disaster Historical Society website for more information. www.info@eastlanddisaster.org

Click here to read a newspaper article about “Sylvia’s Story.”


If you are in the area, please visit
The Book Bin in Northbrook, Illinois. This wonderful indie bookstore is located at 1151 Church Street in the heart of Northbrook. The phone number is 847.498.4999. They are now carrying “Sylvia’s Story.”

“Lights, Camera, Kids!” ~ Successful Ideas to Inspire Your Creative Productions by: Cheryl A. Smith
A must have for any teacher, music or classroom, who directs a children’s musical. Included are ideas for costumes, props, and movement.

Little Fido”: ***

“Little Fido” is a musical history of the Civil War through the eyes of Abraham Lincoln’s beloved dog. The book is geared toward grades 3,4, and 5 and offers Art projects, writing prompts, geography, vocabulary words, and of course, Music. As for many people, Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents. We are kindred spirits on many topics and especially the love and humane treatment of animals. I love his sense of humor, too. I hope you will learn as much about our 16th president and the Civil War as I have while researching this story.

***Common Core Aligned

2015 is the sesquicentennial of President Lincoln’s assassination and the end of the Civil War. “Little Fido” is a great resource for teaching this important event in American history.

Anti-bullying theme:

“5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile”

This storybook/mp3 has a very important message about anti-bullying and if a child should find him or herself in this situation, what they can do! There are also facts about the specific type of monkey and crocodile featured in the story. After visiting several schools and performing the “5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile” story & song, I asked the students to vote on which species of monkey they would like to see in the book. Their choices were the Central/South American Spider Monkey or the African Vervet or “Green” Monkey. The “croc is out of the bag”! The winner is.....
The African Vervet Monkey!

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