We are very excited to offer “5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile”!

This storybook/mp3 has a very important message about anti-bullying and if a child should find him or herself in this situation, what they can do! Five little monkeys tease Little Crocodile. What would you do if someone were teasing you? See what LIttle Crocodile does. You might be quite surprised!

After visiting several schools and performing the “5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile” story & song, we asked the students to vote on which species of monkey they would like to see in the book. Their choices were the Central/South American Spider Monkey or the African Vervet or “Green” Monkey. The “croc is out of the bag”! The winner is.....
The African Vervet Monkey!

Along with this delightful story, readers will find educational information about the vervet monkey and the endangered slender-snouted crocodile. The anti-bullying theme and helpful hints provide young readers with strategies for dealing with potentially difficult situations.

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